Bust Out of the Marble

Message/Experiment of the Week:

Do you fear not being able to handle what happens after rejection or failure? In the Accademia Gallery in Florence, you can see Michelangelo’s David, a 17-foot flawless sculpture almost completely free from its original block of marble. In contrast, as you walk to the David, you go through the Hall of the Prisoners, where there are four rough and unfinished sculptures of figures trapped in marble (Hall of the Prisoners - Accademia-Gallery.co). Like Michelangelo’s prisoners trapped in marble, many of us are trapped in our lives by fear of rejection and failure. There is a famous quote attributed to Michelangelo regarding his sculpting process where he explained, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” If you have the courage to keep carving away at the marble in your life and move forward through discomfort, failure, and rejection, eventually you will bust out of the marble and give yourself permission to be your true and amazing self and set the angel free.

For an experiment this week, watch the video below of Graham Weaver providing some great insights on how to bust out of the marble holding you back in your life, and then try some of his suggestions and see what happens.

Quote of the Week:

  • “Michelangelo said famously, ‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.’ The reason that quote is so important… is that at our core we are these beautiful, infinite, incredible beings. We have power beyond our wildest imagination. We’re perfect just as we are… the angel was already perfect.” Graham Weaver

Video of the Week:

Last Lecture Series: “Your Life as the Hero’s Journey,” Graham Weaver

Song of the Week:

Cat Burns - live more & love more (lyric video)

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