Buy Freedom First

Message/Experiment of the Week:

Are you buying freedom or things with your money? Financial freedom gives you control over your life and makes you the master of your fate. However, many of us choose to spend our money (life energy) on things we don’t really need, and then we find ourselves trapped in doing work we don’t like to live paycheck to paycheck at the mercy of our job. If you lose your job, you will be under intense pressure to find another job to pay the bills, instead of job you truly love. By investing your money and buying financial freedom you can avoid this trap and take control of your life.

Like someone trying to lose weight and get in shape, this won’t be easy at first, but it will be worth it. In the video below David Bach shows you how to do this on any income.

Also, for a fun read check out The Nordic Theory of Everything by Anu Partanen to learn how people in Finland, Sweden and other Nordic countries thrive because they have control over their lives and the work they do, even though they live in a harsh climate and have few natural resources.

For an experiment this week, watch David Bach’s interview below and try applying some of the ideas he teaches.

Quotes of the Week:

  • “Change is a funny thing. Although most people say they want to change—so they can have a better life, with more love, more dreams, and more fun—the fact is that many of us are afraid of change. Faced with the real prospect of it, we look at our lives and decide that being where we are right now isn’t so bad, after all. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t, we tell ourselves. Tony Robbins, the great motivational speaker and coach, calls this attitude a kind of “no man’s land” of the soul. It’s a place where your life isn’t really that great, but it really isn’t that bad, either. It’s just so-so.”
    David Bach, Smart Couples Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future for You and Your Partner

  • “It’s sad but true. Most people who just “go with the flow” wind up complaining about where they “floated.” They go around saying life is not fair. Well, I disagree. Life is totally fair. You get what you go for. Go for nothing and you get nothing. Go for something and, even if you miss your main goal, you might still achieve a lot of good stuff along the way.”
    David Bach, Smart Couples Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future for You and Your Partner

  • “Whenever someone tells me she is a procrastinator, I respond by asking them, "Did you eat this week?" Of course, the person will always answer yes. The fact is, no one procrastinates all the time. What you may be is a selective procrastinator -- which means that if something is important enough (like eating), you are perfectly capable of taking care of it right away.”
    David Bach , Smart Women Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Achieving Financial Security and Funding Your Dreams

Videos of the Week:

David Bach - Be Financially Free and Pay Yourself First

Unlock True Wealth with Vicki Robin: Beyond Money and Time

JL Collins: The Art of Buying Freedom, Not Stuff

Song of the Week:

Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) - Live at Eurovision 2015

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