Message/Experiment of the Week:

What are you focused on right now? What you focus on creates your reality. You can have amazing parents and focus on their faults (we all have them) and go through life thinking you have horrible parents. You can also be in the worst circumstances and focus on the beauty around you and have a beautiful experience (that is what Viktor Frankl did in the Nazi concentration camps when he chose to find a tree each day and focus on its beauty). Often, we let our circumstances direct our focus, but we have the power to choose what we focus on and what experiences we have regardless of our circumstances.

For an experiment this week, play around with what you focus on. If you are in an unpleasant situation, try to find something beautiful and focus on it. Also, try the opposite and focus on something you don’t like in a very pleasant situation. After you’re done, record the experiences in your journal.

Quote of the Week:

“Your eyes can only see and your ears can only hear what your brain is looking for.” - Dan Sullivan

Videos of the Week:

Ed Mylett On: Watch These 37 Minutes To COMPLETELY CHANGE Your Life | Jay Shetty

The ONE Thing w/ Jay Papasan (REI119)

Music of the Week:

Emmanuel Kelly & Brother Ahmed Kelly “Good Things Utah” - Morning Show

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