Gratitude vs Entitlement

Message/Experiment of the Week:

Are you generally grateful or entitled? Gratitude creates joy, and entitlement steals joy. Gratitude creates meaning, and entitlement steals meaning. Gratitude creates love, and entitlement destroys love.

An older man recently shared a story about his daughter asking for her inheritance before his death so that she could buy a cabin, and when he told her “no” she completely cut ties with her parents. If only she had a sense of gratitude instead of entitlement, her family would not have been torn apart.

For an experiment this week, look for areas in your life where you may have a sense of entitlement and work to develop a sense of gratitude instead.

Quote of the Week:

Video of the Week:

Jail Time to Millionaire! - How Keaton ‘The Muscle’ Hoskins Transformed His Life

Song of the Week:

Carrie Underwood - The Champion ft. Ludacris

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