Message/Experiment of the Week:

Do you know deep down that you are worthy of love and belonging exactly as you are? Your answer to that question will tell you how much you value your self-worth. Self-confidence is your belief in your abilities as a person. Self-worth is your belief in your intrinsic value as a person, which is the same for every one of us, but many of us aren’t aware of it. Recently, a very accomplished and confident woman shared how she has never felt that she is enough, and she thinks it is because a person she loved and trusted left her as a child. She is only now starting to realize her intrinsic self-worth (which has always been there), and it is completely changing her life.

For an experiment this week, look at how much you value yourself. Do you know deep down that you are worthy of love and belonging exactly as you are?

Story of the Week:

  • There is a story of a woman who had been through abuse, neglect, and all kinds of challenges throughout her life, but she realized that just like a worn and tattered $20 bill she was still just as valuable as she was the day she was born. We are all just as valuable as we were the day we were born, many of us just don’t realize it. Here is another version of this story: Do You Treat Yourself Like You Are Worth The Full 20 Dollars? (thepositivemom.com)

Video of the Week:

Build Self-Worth NOW!

Song of the Week:

Live Your Beautiful Life - Lights Follow

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